1. Lodging a Complaint

1.1 Any person may lodge a complaint in writing to Shibumi at this email address: mail@shibumireiki.org

1.2 The complaint must be set out in writing stating the issue clearly including reference to time, place and event.

1.3 Complaints will be kept confidential (with the exception of making necessary contact with named witnesses/respondents).

2. Complaint Receipt & Registration

2.1 The date of receipt and nature of the complaint will be noted and an acknowledgement will be issued in writing requesting further information where required.

2.2 The respondent will be notified and invited to make comment.

3. Analysis of Complaint

3.1 The complaint will be investigated thoroughly in order to resolve the issue/s raised.

3.2 A determination will be made based on facts presented by both sides and any additional evidence uncovered by the investigation.

4. Actions undertaken by Shibumi. Any of the following may occur as a result of the complaint.

4.1 A complaint that is considered invalid will be dismissed.

4.2 Conflict resolution may be brought in to resolve the complaint.

4.3 Education may be provided to the respondent to ensure no future complaints.

4.4 The respondent may be censured but membership is retained.

4.5 Membership of the respondent may be suspended for a specified amount of time.

4.6 Membership of the respondent may be permanently cancelled.

4.7 If a resolution of the issue/s cannot be made amicably, external mediation may be attempted.

5. Notification of Resolution

5.1 All relevant parties will be notified of the official resolution.

5.2 Parties unhappy with the resolution may appeal.

5.3 Appeal process information will be provided if a party wishes to appeal a decision and all interested parties will be notified.