In this day and age any practitioner who is working with others using the system of Reiki requires insurance coverage.

Once you have listed yourself as a Registered Practitioner (Shibumi RP) or Registered Practitioner and Teacher (Shibumi RP&T) you will need to be covered by professional indemnity, products liability and general public liability.

You may already be covered at your workplace, but if not Shibumi can help provide you with the following reasonably priced coverage with Jones & Mitchell Co., a division of Western State Insurance. This level of insurance covers all states within the USA and its territories, including US military bases around the world.


For a Shibumi RP or Shibumi RP&T, the cost is $165/year.
Also available: For a practitioner in training, the cost is $115/year. (You must be enrolled at the school and not be performing treatments elsewhere)

What is Covered

Professional & General Liability: $2 million
Annual Aggregate:$3 million
Product Liability: $2 million
Personal Injury & Advertising:$2 million
Rental Damage Liability:$100,000

Higher levels of coverage are also available.
This level of coverage also includes all the hands-on therapies, movement reeducation systems, psychological techniques and metaphysical and energetic modalities, which recognize the unity of the body/mind/spirit/emotions (definition from Encyclopedia of Bodywork by Elaine Stillerman). Generally indicates a variety of therapies including Hellerwork, Rolfing, Aston Patterning, Trager, etc. It includes systems that address the structure and function of the body using education, movement, and energetic tools.

Your Premises

Please note: If you rent, lease or are paying for space in a building, you can be held liable for accidents or damage even if your landlord has premises liability insurance. If you are working out of your home, you are liable for damages if someone falls going to or coming from your house or apartment. If someone is bitten by a dog or scratched by a cat while at your place of business, even if it isn’t yours, you are liable. Insurance protects you in case someone is injured.

Get Insured Now

Once you become a member of Shibumi you can request a form from us which will provide you with the details on how to purchase insurance before becoming a Registered Practitioner or Registered Practitioner and Teacher. You will also find this information in your account at Shibumi.